Oldest solo female skydiver breaks the record

Dilys Price, 87

Meet our campaigners who want to change ageist stereotypes: The oldest solo female skydiver

Dilys Price broke the Guinness World Record as the oldest solo female skydiver at age 81.

Being scared of heights, at age 54 she decided to conquer her fear with her first skydive for charity. Since then, she has completed a total of 1139 skydives. Describing herself as a “real Gemini”, and wants to encourage a “can do attitude” to her fellow over 50s. “It’s never too late. Life can still be fun, be challenging and have a purpose.”

Dilys believes that as we age, feeling useful and respected becomes crucial, and turning 50 has given her a sense of freedom. “We're alive, we're still alive. We're alive until the day we die,” she said. “This is my mission now — to tell older people like myself to keep a passion. I want to help older people to be active and to have a sense of self.”

Dilys claims skydiving is now her passion, and proves that life doesn't get boring with age.

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