Ageing: a privilege not all get to experience

I’m not here to be miserable just to point out the truth! 

It’s easy to get wound up about the ageing process, the extra kilos around our middle, the wrinkles, the forgetfulness, the hot flushes, and the tiredness that we forget that to age is a privilege not given to all.

Many of us will have had friends around us succumb to illness and die before their time. It often doesn’t occur to us to enjoy and live life until we’re faced with our own mortality which is an incredible shame.

Life has its ups and downs and that’s the way it is. How fortunate are we to experience what it’s like to be human in full technicolour and surround sound? There will be times that are really tough to experience. There will also be times that we experience immense joy. All of it is the human experience.

I love something I read on the Lumen Instagram account recently: "As soon as you feel too old to do a thing, do it". It’s true that we’re only too old if we think ourselves so. Now is the time to embrace living, try the things you’ve always wanted to have a go at. Remember the old adage, ‘use it, or lose it’, it’s so true.

A quote I read recently that came from a Qantas inflight magazine said, “If you’re over 45 and don’t have an under-30 mentor -not mentee, mentor- then you’re going to miss fundamental shifts in thinking that are happening.”

When we hang out with those younger than us, we can’t help but feel uplifted. Unless of course you like saying things like, ‘in my day…’! I enjoy the company of younger people because I love to learn about what it’s like being in their world. I end up feeling grateful for all I’ve learned, my wisdom, and the era I grew up in. I’m grateful for my age.

Sure we can complain about getting older, we can moan about life, and the situation we currently find ourselves in or we can be thankful that we have a midlife and beyond to live and embrace it all.

Dating is part of this too. We can sit at home hiding behind our screens or we can get out there and meet people. It starts simply by holding our head high and engaging with people, making conversation, saying hello when out and about. It’s not as scary as it might feel. Trust me on this one...I’m doing it right now as I embark on putting myself out into the dating world once more.

What have you got to lose? How can you make the most of your day? These are questions I love and ask my clients often when they seem stuck and frightened or unable to find a way forward. How can you enjoy rather than resent being single, or out dating? How can you learn from each encounter rather than be frustrated because you’ve had another evening that went nowhere? 

I don’t pretend to have all the answers because you know you better than anyone. However, what if instead you looked much more lightheartedly at your current circumstances and were grateful instead for the fact that you’ve got this chance to play some more in life?

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