Facing Your Fears of Rejection

Taking a hit of rejection when dating is collectively probably one of our biggest fears. Sadly it puts a lot of us off dating or even talking to someone we may share a real connection with. If you face those fears head on, you’ll realise that rejection isn’t the worst thing – you might even find that rejection doesn’t come when you were expecting it. 

Realistically speaking, how do we face the fear of rejection? It’s all well and good saying we’ll face those fears, but getting there is going to take a few steps and realising a few things…

Fear of Rejection is worse than the Pain of Rejection

Yes, rejection does hurt. But with it comes a sense of closure and relief. With closure you can move on. If you’re constantly agonising over the possibility of rejection then opportunities will pass you by. If that happens then the experience of closure and relief will pass you by too, so you’ll be left wondering “what if”. Instead, take the chance and ask that person out on a date. The worst they can do is say no, and then you’ll know that it wasn’t meant to be and can move forward. 

Don’t Allow Rejection to Hurt 

This is much easier said than done, but if someone does reject you recognise the pain but also recognise the reasoning. Why were you rejected and why are you allowing it to hurt you? 

Rejection is something you can grow and learn from. If you were rejected for frivolous reasons then you just learned that that person really isn’t right for you, so don’t be disheartened. Conversely, if the reasons were more complex, perhaps like a case of very bad timing then understand this rejection wasn’t your fault. The opportunity to date this person may present itself at a later date, so keep in contact (and offer support if you’re going through a rough time). Grow from your experiences, rather than allowing them to hurt you deeply. 

You Can’t Always Avoid Rejection

You roll with the punches when dating, and with that comes the heartache and rejection. The more you experience it, the more you understand how to cope with it. You can try all you like to avoid rejection, but really that means avoiding dating altogether and where’s the fun in that? And by not facing up to your fears, you’re not preparing yourself for coping with the feelings that come with rejection. You’re also not opening yourself up to the opportunity of finding happiness.

Rejection hurts, that much is obvious, but managing that pain is possible with a little mental preparation. Being rejected isn’t the end of the world, and you can recover from it. You’re a strong person, and you can make it through any rejection you may experience on your journey to find happiness or companionship. For each bad experience, there’ll be a much better positive one – and you’ll only be stronger for it. 

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