Feeling lonely? You’re not alone

Loneliness: a persistent silence. A constant reminder of someone’s absence. An ongoing feeling of isolation, solitude and confinement.

Loneliness epidemic is spreading so fast, and its impact is so profound, that Loneliness Awareness week takes place each year (from June 17 to 21 in 2019). If you’ve been going through these feelings yourself, please know you’re not alone. 

According to a study we recently conducted here at Lumen, loneliness affects more than 4.2 million over 50s, with 20% saying that they feel lonely at least a few times a week.

The most frequently cited causes are not working anymore (35% of respondents), being single (28%) and children leaving home (23%).

Its impact is so profound that 80% of over 50s think having more friends is more important than having a bigger house, while 77% say the same about a new car.

At the same time, though, just over a third (36%) have actively tried to do things to meet new people, including getting out of the house more (14%), going to pubs and coffee shops (10%), starting new hobbies (9%) and trying to meet new people through existing friends (8%).

Is it true, as the proverb says, that a trouble shared is a trouble halved? That’s what we think at Lumen, especially when it comes to loneliness.

To help combat feelings of loneliness within the age group of over 50s, we’ve decided to launch a new social feature. If you don’t feel ready for a new relationship or to start dating, you can now join Lumen groups and connect with people via chats to make new friends.

We’ve already launched groups with five common interests: travel, sports, home and garden, TV and film, food and drink and meet and greets. Which one suits you? You can choose more than one!

Every new person you meet can represent the beginning of a new chapter in your life’s story. You can start writing that new chapter today.

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