Lumen Re-Imagined Barbie As Her Actual Age On Her 60th Birthday

Come on Barbie, let's go party.

Lumen, a dating site for singles over 50, has paid homage to Mattel's iconic Barbie on her 60th birthday and the nostalgia is very real.

Charly Lester from Lumen says the team came up with the idea in an effort to celebrate the appeal of older women.

“Our head of brand, Liesa, had the idea of showing ageing icons as their real ages, and Barbie was one of the first ones she mentioned,” Ms Lester told

After brainstorming the concept, Lumen successfully reimagined what the “forever young” doll would look like as a mature age woman and she still looks fabulous. The Queen of job hopping since 1959 — Barbie's tried every profession, from being a surgeon to being an astronaut — she's still clearly kicking goals at 60.

And as Lumen's Charly Lester explains, most women are.

“Lumen's mission is very much pro-age and anti-ageism and we are repeatedly challenging the way over-50s are shown in the media,” he said.

“We felt Barbie's 60th birthday was a great opportunity to showcase this in a lighthearted way.

”Our homage to Barbie shows her un-airbrushed, and represented by a real woman at her real age. She is still beautiful and aspirational, but in a very realistic way."

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