Staying True to Yourself While Dating

When you’re trying to impress a new person, it’s important to remember who you are and ensure that doesn’t change. Whilst you definitely want to impress this new person in your life, you can’t lose yourself. 

The problem with changing for someone else is that if you become a different person to impress them, you’ll have to maintain that new persona. Otherwise your new partner might be confused as to why you’re suddenly a different person to the one that they met. 

If someone loves you and wants to be with you, they deserve to be with the real you. And you deserve to BE the real you. So how do you remain true to yourself whilst dating? 

Don’t Change Your Nature

You’re a lovely, well-natured person, so why change that? It can be easy to put your new partner first, but remember you can’t lose yourself – you’re still allowed to have a personality, emotions and responsibilities. Don’t avoid getting what you need to get done in order to impress someone else, and definitely don’t suppress emotions to avoid turning someone off. Don’t change your dreams to make someone else happy – instead work together to find a way to a happy medium, a compromise of happiness between the two of you. 

Keep Your Friends Close

You want to spend a lot of time with your new partner, of course you do. But who’s always been there for you? Your friends. Remember to put some time in to all of your relationships, not just the exciting new one. It also helps to vary things up a bit – only seeing on person day in, day out is sure to get under your skin eventually, and theirs. So liven things up and go see your friends. 

Do What You Love

Don’t drop your hobbies and interests for someone else, especially not if you feel embarrassed to share that side of yourself – you shouldn’t feel you have to hide any part of yourself from someone you want to be with. Remember to find time for the things you love to do, not just their interests. And who knows, perhaps you might find they take an interest in something you like. Vice versa, you may take a fancy to their interests too. Keep doing what you love doing, even if that means doing some things as individuals rather than a couple, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. 

You Do You 

 Whilst you want to see each other and spend time together, you are still you. You need to make time to be the person that you’ve always been, and they need to do the same – you also need to allow each other that time. You can’t always be available at the drop of a hat and willing to always give up plans for another person. Sometimes, maybe, but remember to make time for the parts that are you. Also, remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so spending a little bit of time just being you can’t be a bad thing

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