What Makes Lumen Different?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about Lumen is what makes it different from other dating apps out there. There are many dating apps out there, and a few others that cater to senior dating. But there’s a lot that sets Lumen apart from these other apps, beyond catering specifically to an over 50 audience. Here are just some of the qualities that make us unique.

We Like to Keep it Real

Or rather, we want our members to keep it real with our photo verification process. Every photo you see on Lumen has been verified by our team to ensure they’re real. There’s no algorithm or AI that handles photo verification — a real person examines every photo that’s uploaded to Lumen, to ensure nothing slips through. The photo verification process involves every user uploading three existing photos of themselves to create a profile. They’re then asked to take a selfie, a photo that must be taken on the spot and cannot be uploaded. These photos are then all cross-examined by our verification team. If all the photos match, we have a new Lumen member! 

We value the security of our community, so we want to be sure everyone on Lumen is who they say they are. 

We Encourage Meaningful Conversation

A lot of apps will allow you to take a “shotgun method” towards messaging — this means being able to fire out message after message to any profile you come across. You’ll know you’ve been on the receiving end of this because you’ll be getting lots of messages that just say “hi” and give you nothing else to work with. That doesn’t exactly inspire any meaningful conversation. 

With Lumen you’ll be able to start six new conversations every day, as well as responding to any messages you receive. Each conversation opening message has to contain at least 50 characters, so a simple “hi” won’t cut it. We encourage you to start off your conversation with something interesting, so you can make a good start at getting to know each other. 

We Want You to Tell Your Story

Every profile on Lumen needs to have three photos to start with as part of our verification process, so already there won’t be any blank profiles on Lumen. On top of that you’ll need an “about me” section and an “I’m looking for…” section. With both of these sections filled out, you’ll be able to get to know people a little before you actually get chatting. 

This can really help limit any intimidation of speaking to someone new. We even have helpful blog guides on how to fill out your profile

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