Five Reasons Why Dating Over 50 Is Amazing!

Dating over 50 can, and should, be great fun! Dating isn’t just something young people do. It’s something you can do at any age, and stage of life. So, what is it that makes dating over 50 particularly enjoyable?

1- You’ve Got More Experience

You’ve been in relationships before and you understand other people. With that experience comes a much easier and more enjoyable time dating. While the concept of 'dating' itself might feel new (especially if you’ve just come out of a long marriage) the reality is that dating centres around relationships with other people. Something you have a lot of experience in, regardless of your romantic history. We promise your love life didn’t peak in your teens! It’s only going to get better from here! With age comes understanding – now you can recognise the signs when a date is going well, and you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner. Put all your relationship experience to good use, and have the best dates you’ve ever had!

2- You Know What Works For You

It’s not a huge secret, dating involves a lot of trial and error. But after all these years, you know what’s what and who’s for you. Of course, it’s always good fun to try something new, but that doesn’t mean tried and tested is a bad thing either.

3- There’s No Pressure!

If there’s one thing you learn as you get older, it’s how to say 'no'.       In the past you might have been too polite to turn someone down.   But by now you ’ve learned how to let someone down easily, without any pressure. There’s also less societal pressure on you. You’re not dating to have kids, and marriage or living together might also not be things you’re worried about. We also put less pressure on ourselves. In our younger years dating can feel like a series of complicated expectations — how to prepare for a date, how a date should go, who pays for the date...With age, that finally all goes out of the window. Now you can date on your terms!

4- Confidence!

Who said being single has to knock your confidence? Remember, you’ve got the experience to know what you want, and the pressure is off! You’re your own person now – strong and independent, with no expectations on who you have to be. Any choice you make now should be the right choice for you.There’s plenty to be proud of over 50! Maybe you have built up a career. Maybe you raised a family. Regardless, you’re are still going strong. So be sure to never sell yourself short! Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you’re not amazing!

5- Dating Is Still Fun!

Remember the butterflies in your stomach? The excitement of meeting someone new? The joy in getting to know someone and falling in love? It’s all still there! Dating is still as fun and exciting as it has always been, if not more so! Now that your life is settled, you’ve got all the experience and there’s no pressure, you can focus more on what makes you happy!

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