What Should I Write in my ‘About Me’ Section?

The key to a good dating profile is to get your personality across in a few words. Sort of like a covering letter but much more fun. That’s what we want – we want you to put your personality and heart in to your Lumen profile. After all, we want people on Lumen, not just accounts. 

So, what do you want to put in your profile? That’s ultimately the question you should be asking yourself. It can be quite overwhelming to think of it all as one big “who am I” section though, so let’s break things down. 

Start with the basics – tell people who you are. Not just your name, but tell them what makes you tick. Are you career driven? A lot of people like to start their dating profile with their line of work, which is okay if it says something about who you are. 

If you’re less about work and more about fun, there are other options. Perhaps start with a hobby you particularly enjoy – are you a horseback rider in your spare time? That’s one way to kick off your profile. 

Don’t think it sounds upfront to say what you’re looking for from a date. You are, after all, using a dating app and to get the most out of it you’ll need to let people know what you want. Are you looking for something long term or something a little less serious? Both are perfectly fine and valid, it’s your life and your choice. 

Once you’ve figured out what you want to put in your ‘About Me’ section, you’ll want to give your profile a little structure. Think of it like telling a story, your own story. Of course you don’t want to tell your life story, condense it down to how you might introduce yourself to a new person. 

You start with your name, a few interests and maybe what you do for work. Finally, end on what you’re looking for. Just like a story, your ‘About Me’ section has a beginning, middle and end. 

As an extra tip, try including a ‘hook’ to your ‘About Me’ section. Ask a question, nothing too intrusive. Perhaps as what someone would like to do on a first date, something like, “My ideal date would be… What would your ideal first date be?”

If you’re a fan of travel, maybe talk about some of the places you’ve been to. Ask if anyone else has any future travel plans. Who knows, you might even get an invite to join. 

Giving your ‘About Me’ section this ‘hook’ makes you seem more approachable and interested. It creates a talking point from the moment someone views your profile. 

Filling out your ‘About Me’ section is your chance to show off who you are. So give these tips a try if you want your personality to shine through. 

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