Jun & Jan

Jan, who teaches music and English, tried out various online dating platforms and it was only until she downloaded Lumen, where she met Jun.

Fast forward to October 2019, the two had announced their engagement, and plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Here's what Jan had to say about Lumen...

How did you discover Lumen and what was your experience like on the app?

I discovered Lumen just by accident one day and I decided to join it. The best thing about it was the artificial intelligence that would reduce the number of fake profiles and scammers. I believe that my (now) fiancé was the first person to contact me on the app. I wrote him back and we messaged a little. He then asked me out and we had a wonderful time. That was back in July 2019. Now we are engaged, I am so happy!

Have you used other dating apps before? If so, how do they compare to Lumen?

Yes I have. As I said before, the best thing about Lumen is that you have to take a selfie and then the A.I. compares that photo with other photos that you post to make sure it’s really you. None of the other dating platforms I used had this feature.

How long after connecting with your partner on Lumen did you both meet in person?

About a week later. After only a few dates with my soon to be fiancé, I had no desire to contact anyone else on the Lumen site. I just knew that he was the one!

What was that meeting experience like?

It was wonderful! He was very nervous, but we had a wonderful talk, had lunch and then went to a movie. All of our family and friends know because they wanted to know how we met! They were so happy for us. I was thinking I would never find Mr. Right. But then God brought us together! Thanks to Lumen!

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