National longboard champ paves the way for female surfers

Dominique Kent, 51

Meet our campaigners who want to change ageist stereotypes: Longboard champ

Dominique Kent comes from a family of surfers from Cornwall, whose love for the sport sparked at age 16. Her search for good waves led her to travel all around the world, where she has shared the culture and surfing stories amongst many people. She lived for many years in New Zealand and Australia, and has a long line of impressive awards, being a four time British National longboard champion and the New Zealand national longboard champion.

In 2004, she set up the Pure Blue Surf Academy. Dominique was surrounded by a very male dominated environment when she began surfing, and has recognised the need for girls and women to have encouragement and support in learning and developing their surfing. The academy was set up to make the sport more inclusive to women, stating “it’s bad enough walking down the beach in a wetsuit, let alone paddling out!”

Now, at age 51, she has been surfing for over 30s and doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

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