Keeping On Top Of Your Sexual Health

Your safety should always be your top priority in any situation, whether it's staying safe online or staying safe in the bedroom.           In the past few years there has been an increase in people over 50 being diagnosed with STIs. Whilst it's great to enjoy yourself, whatever your age may be, it's important to keep your safety and health in mind.

There are plenty of sexual health education resources available online, but a lot of them seem to be targeted at youngsters. Obviously that doesn't mean they're not still useful. But while you're here, let's talk about your sexual health and your concerns.

Don’t Be Embarrassed!

You might be concerned about getting a check-up, but please don't worry about being judged. This is usually anyone's first concern about getting a sexual health check-up. But rest assured, the doctors and nurses have seen it all before and won't ever judge you for getting checked, whatever your age. If you're not feeling like a visit to the clinic just yet, there's no reason you can't look up resources online. The NHS is a brilliant educational resource for anyone looking to brush up on their sex education, even if you're not based in the UK!

Ready to Get a Check Up?

Whether you've started showing some funny symptoms, want to ensure you're all clear or have a new partner and both want to be sure of your sexual health, getting a check-up is never a bad idea.     If you're all ready to get yourself checked out, you can find your nearest 'GUM'****clinic quite easily by searching online. A lot of clinics offer a walk-in service, so you may not have to worry about booking an appointment beforehand. We recommend arriving earlier in the day for walk-in services to avoid long waiting times.

Playing Safe

The best way to keep on top of your sexual health is to stay safe in the first place. That means you'll need to find the method of contraception that works best for you. There are many different kinds of contraception out there, but the most tried and true method is a condom. You can pick up condoms for free from your clinic whilst you get your check up, just ask. If you need to stock up in between visits there are plenty of other places to pick them up. Pharmacies are your best place to visit. Again, don't be embarrassed to go in and pick some up. Your sexual health is nothing to be ashamed of. Keeping on top of your health is an important part of dating, so it's important not to forget about it. The best way to keep on top of your sexual health is to get regular check-ups and to use effective contraceptives.

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