Date Night Makeup

So you have a date night with a promising new man in your life. You are quite nervous, but excited too. You have read the aphorisms ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’ and ‘People make up their mind about you in the first 10-15 seconds of meeting you’. And so you are keen that the date starts well. For what it’s worth I believe that human beings are far less superficial than these sayings imply, however let me help you to increase your confidence by ensuring that you look your most fabulous!

Confidence is a word that recurs frequently in the feedback that we get from our customers. When I launched Look Fabulous Forever I was determined to help women like me (I was 65) to feel good about their ageing selves and to offer them makeup specifically formulated to suit their faces.

So, here are my top tips for the skincare and makeup to use and apply in the best way to help your makeup to look soft, subtle and super sophisticated:

1. Prep your skin. 

This is the canvas onto which you will apply your makeup, so get your skin into great condition. Start with gentle exfoliation to rid the surface of dead skin cells. Follow with a deeply moisturising face mask (Clarins Super Restorative Mask). While this is working, soak in the bath and use a body scrub all over (Soap and Glory’s Flake Away is cheap and effective). Cleanse off the mask and then apply serum: Look Fabulous Forever’s Hydration Hold Face Serum is rich in hyaluronic acid which is super moisturising, and then apply Smooth the Day Face Cream to help to plump and smooth the skin.

2.Ensure Your Makeup Stays Put. 

Our top sellers are primers. Face, eye and lip primers are brilliant at ensuring that makeup looks flawless and lasts for hours — no matter how hot and bothered you might become. Smooth Like Silk Face Prime is applied either on top of moisturised skin or mixed with foundation, Smooth Out Eye Prime ensures that eye makeup stays put and Never Feather Lip Prime stops lipstick colour bleeding into the small lines around your mouth.

3. Unify Your Skin Tone. 

Skin looks more youthful if it’s the same colour all over which is why foundations are so brilliant. Apply evenly with a brush and buff well into the skin. If you prefer something lightweight then Light Look Beauty Balm will suit you best, otherwise our Continuous Cover Foundation is perfect for skin that needs extra coverage. Our Cover to Cover Conceal can help to camouflage under-eye dark circles, blemishes, spider veins and age spots.

4. Apply Blusher To Light Up the Face.

I love the moment in a makeover when I apply the blusher. Our Real Radiance Blush is a cream to powder formulation, so you can pat it onto your cheeks to create exactly the right density of pinky/peachy colour, and then use a brush to sweep the colour up and out towards the hairline level with your eye. Keep the blusher low-key — you are aiming for ‘healthy, subtle glow’ not ‘painted doll’.

5. Sort Your Eyebrows. 

Brows frame your whole face, not only your eyes. Ideally get them professionally shaped. I devised our Bring Back Brow Shape to help restore eyebrows and confidence to my sister-in-law who had lost her brows. The ingenious little brush creates the illusion of real brows.

6. Keep Eye Makeup Subtle. 

Eyes can be dramatically reshaped using eye shadows. We have several videos showing you how to make small eyes look bigger and hooded eyes look tons better. Our No Shimmer Eye Shadows are all perfectly matte, so they can be blended easily to create lovely subtle effects. We also suggest using a darker eye shadow colour at the lash line rather than an eyeliner. Applied with a small wedge brush you can create a pretty slightly smokey look. Always finish eye makeup by applying mascara to curled eyelashes.

7. Create Luscious Lips

Start with Never Feather Lip Prime to the edges of the lips. Let this dry and then use a lip brush to apply one coat of lipstick. Use your little finger to rub the colour into your lips to create a ‘stain’. Then apply another coat of lipstick and blot with a tissue. A final coat will ensure that your lipstick colour will last for hours. If you want a touch of glamour top by dotting your lips with Gorgeous Gloss Lip Shine to add some lustre and make your lips delightfully kissable!

You’re now ready to put your best foot (and face) forward and knock-em dead!.. I hope you have a great date-night and meet the man of your dreams!

Written by Tricia Cusden

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