Dating In Your Fifties: Is It Really That Different To Dating In Your Twenties?

For many people who find themselves dating in their fifties and sixties, the last time they were single was decades ago. If that describes you right now, please don’t panic! Yes, technology may have changed, but we promise that dating in your fifties can be an incredible experience, and it might even be more fun than it was in your twenties! Here are the reasons why...

You’re Older and Wiser

Everyone seems to think that as you become older and wiser, your capacity to have fun dwindles. But we all know that’s absolutely not true, we’ve just learned what fun means for us. Now that life is a little more settled, you can focus on what you really enjoy. You’re worrying less about things like finding the monthly rent and where you’re going with your career, and now you can use the hard-earned stability to your advantage. Treat yourself, you deserve it. One of the best things that comes with age is learning what you want. You know exactly what sort of date is going to be enjoyable to you, and who you are attracted to. As a result you’ll be spending less time on dates you don’t enjoy, and more time connecting with people who genuinely tick your boxes.

What Hasn’t Changed?

Meeting someone new, getting to know them, making a connection and possibly more – sounds exciting doesn't it? That’s because it is! Dating in your later years is just as fun as it’s ever been, if not more so now you’ve got less to focus on! You might still get nervous, you might still get butterflies, but that’s all part of the fun! Dating is an adrenaline rush, a thrill unlike any other. You never know what you might learn about someone, or even what you may learn about yourself!

So it’s Still Just as Fun?

Of course! Dating never gets boring, no matter what your age!       Many people in their fifties and sixties feel like they’ve spent the last twenty years focussing on other people’s happiness above their own. Now it’s time to focus on you and what you really want from a date. It’s never too late to add some extra excitement to your life, and meet someone to share the fun with.

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