Go In Search Of Life And Love Will Find You

A bold statement isn’t it! After years of experience it’s one with which I wholeheartedly agree. If you’re looking for this coming year to be different I urge you to do the same.

Here’s why.

The more we go in search of something we don’t currently have, the more we’re focussing on what’s lacking in our lives. The more we talk to ourselves about the fact that we’re single, that we’re feeling lonely, how life would be so different (and better, we believe) if only we were in a relationship, the more we’re missing all the great stuff we already have in our lives. I know it can be really hard to be grateful and focus on what’s working when all we can see right in front of us is the fact that we’re midlife and single.

Notice your reaction to what I’ve just written here. Do you see how this might be true for you in life right now? You’re going to have to be really honest with yourself! There are times when prospective clients show up in my inbox and I urge them to focus on doing what they love. I point them in the direction of finding fulfilment in the everyday living of life rather than spending hours and hours online in a frenzy, feeling doomed to remain single and alone for the rest of their lives.Here’s what I see now and ask you to consider. 

Go and live your life, fully engaged and alive, and love will find its way to you. 

Now, I’m not saying you just have to go read The Secret and wait for your knight or lady to show up on your doorstep. This is how I see it working… You are so busy living your life, enjoying yourself, feeling fulfilled in your career, your hobbies, your friendships that you feel wonderful just from being alive and engaged in life. It’s when you’re not looking from a place of lack or desperation that magic happens. 

What do you love doing? Whatever it is, do more of it. What brings you alive? Do more of that too. What could you spend hours talking about or lose hours in a day doing? If you didn’t have to earn money what would you fill your time with? Whatever your answers are to these questions, this is life. This is passion. It’s when we are high on life that we are at our most attractive. People love people who are immersed in something they love and passionate about life.

Be you unapologetically living your life to the fullest!

We are always drawn to people who inspire us, and are far more likely to connect with someone online when you’re passionate about something in your life. It might be gardening, or jazz. It might be photography, or mountain climbing. It might be indie films, or caking decorating. Your enthusiasm and passion will shine from you and you’ll naturally attract like-minded souls.

How about deciding to begin this month by shifting your focus from the relationship that’s currently missing from your life and focussing your energy on the fact that you’re alive and have a life to explore?

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