Staying Safe Offline

Dating is a great way to meet new people, and explore the city or town you live in.  But always remember that you are meeting a stranger and keep in mind the following safety tips.

1. Always make your own way to a first date

 Don’t give your date your address, arrange your own transport home, and no matter how well the first date goes, always make your own way home.  There’s always time to invite your date over at a later stage when you know them better.

2. Meet in a public place

Choose a bar, restaurant or other busy public place for a first date.  Always make sure someone knows where you are, and check back in with that person at the end of the date.

3. Never leave your drink unattended

Until you have got to know them, your date is a stranger.  If you go to the bathroom, don’t leave your drink or belongings unattended.

4. Don’t to drink too much

Sometimes when we’re nervous, it can be easy to drink a bit too much.  Keep your wits about you.  By not drinking too much you can also more reliably trust your instincts about whether there is any potential future with your date.

5. Remember you can leave at any time

If something doesn’t feel right, or your date makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, remember that you can just leave.  Your happiness and safety trump politeness and decorum.

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