Getting Back Together

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not wrong to go back to someone that didn’t work out for you the first time. In fact, it’s not actually that uncommon for people to end up getting back together after a separation. Making things work a second time around doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult either. 

Say you’re on a dating app and you see your ex. It’s been a few years since you parted ways (or perhaps you’ve kept some contact, but not as much as you’d like), maybe you’ve even seen other people in that time. After all, you’re both on a dating app. Now you think it might be a good time to catch up, and you may even realise you’re actually getting on well enough to want something a little more. 

Is that wrong? Of course not! You can’t control how you feel about someone else, and if they feel the same way about you then why not act on those feelings? It’s okay to get back together with someone that didn’t work out the first time, and here are a few reassurances. 

The Timing Was Off

It sounds cliché but it’s true – sometimes the timing of being together just isn’t right. You met someone at a difficult time in your life, and no matter how much you loved them there were just some things you had to overcome first. Now you’re back, stronger than ever and you’ve got your life a little more together. Even if you are a little hesitant, you’re ready to try again. So go for it, things will be much better for you now that you’re in a better place. 

You Know Each Other Better

You’ve already got to know each other quite well by now, even if it has been a little while. So there’s less awkwardness at first, no hidden surprises that might just crop up in conversation (just maybe don’t bring up who you might’ve been seeing in between). That’s not to say the excitement is gone, now you can focus on making more excitement together. 

You know What Didn’t Work

Almost like trial and error, knowing what didn’t work for you both last time will inform your decisions going forward together. Don’t make the same mistakes again, be open with each other this time. After all you’ve been through together, you’ll understand each other better than before. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a little more understanding this time, keep an open mind and open heart. 

It Will Take Work

Yes, getting back together is less challenging than you might expect, however that doesn’t mean it won’t take some working out. You’ll need to prepare yourself for some difficult times, but so long as you’re ready for them then it doesn’t have to mean the end for you both. Things from the past may re-surface when you get back together with someone, but talk through them and try to understand each other’s points of view. Listen to each other and understand that you can work through this together. 

Yes, getting back together can be a little difficult and people may have a thing or two to say about it. But this is your life, your business and your feelings. So if your feelings for someone resurface after some time apart, then go for it. Who knows, things might works out a whole lot better this time. 

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