Is it Okay to Use a Dating App?

Whether you’ve used a dating app or not, it’s understandable if you have reservations – not because they’re inherently bad, but because we’re often told by society to be ashamed of using them. Fortunately, this attitude is beginning to change. We want to take an extra step to reassure you that using a dating app is perfectly fine, healthy and secure. So here are some of the top concerns we hear about, and why they shouldn’t put you off: 

“What if someone finds out I’m on a dating app?”

What if they do? We want to eliminate the shame culture that surrounds being open about what we want. Whether you want to seriously date or if you’re looking for something a little less series, don’t be ashamed of that. And certainly don’t be ashamed of using a dating app to help you find that. 

If anyone ever tries to shame you for using an app, don’t let them. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want, and using a tool to that end – you wouldn’t shame a carpenter for using a hammer and nails, after all. You’re single and you’re looking to mingle, so own it. 

“Is it safe to meet with people?”

Now we understand there are valid reasons people worry about their safety using dating apps – another fear that has largely been fed in to by media hype. We certainly don’t want you to not be concerned for your safety under any circumstances, please do look after yourself! However, a dating app isn’t inherently unsafe. 

You can take steps to safeguard yourself whilst using a dating app – always meeting publicly on the first few dates with a new persona for example. Let someone know where you’re going and roughly how long you expect to be. Perhaps after a few dates, introduce your date to that person so they can get a good measure of them too. 

And if you were worried about speaking to a bot or anything like that, we’ve got you covered. We regularly screen our members, listening to our community if there are any concerns about particular profiles to ensure Lumen is a safe environment. Before you even create your profile, you’ll need to go through our photo verification process, which involves cross referencing existing photos you send us with a selfie you take on the spot (you can’t upload the selfie, so no tricking the system!). So everyone you speak to on Lumen is the person you see in the photos. 

“Will I get scammed?”

Not if you follow some safety tips. First and foremost – NEVER share your personal details on any dating app (or public forum). If someone asks you for money, don’t send it and take the step of reporting that profile in-app. Even if they seem perfectly innocent, no stranger should be asking you for money online (this isn’t Go Fund Me, after all).

Even after you’ve met someone for a few dates, keep this in mind. If they ever ask for money it might be a reason to be concerned. If it’s small amounts, or if it’s your turn to pay for a meal maybe, not so much. If they’re asking for large amounts, don’t send it. 

Avoiding getting scammed online is as easy as not sharing your personal details with strangers. You wouldn’t do it in person, so don’t do it online.  

“Will it cost me?”

That really depends on the app, however with Lumen that’s entirely up to you. Lumen’s Premium features, such as seeing who is really in to your profile, are entirely optional. You’ll be able to start up to six conversations a day, respond to any message and find new people to chat to in Discover with your free Lumen profile. So it’s really up to you if you want to upgrade and benefit from our additional features. 

We do often get asked why card details are requested up front when you download Lumen – this is actually at the request of the App Store, as Lumen does have optional in-app purchases. However, we assure you that we will never (and are law-bound not to) take any payments without your consent. 

So you see, dating apps really aren’t so bad. In fact, if you use them safely and responsibly, dating apps can be a lot of fun. And you never know who you might meet, which is really quite exciting, don’t you think?

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