Getting Back Into The Swing Of Dating Over 50

We all have different reasons for taking a break from dating. Maybe your career took off and you just didn't have the time. Maybe there were family pressures, or you just needed some time to concentrate on yourself. Whatever the reason for the break, you're now ready to get back on the dating scene, but you're feeling a little intimidated. And we understand – getting back into the swing of dating over 50 can be daunting. What if everything's changed? Don't worry you'll get to grips with it all in no time.

Talk to Your Friends & Family

First thing's first, your family might be quite interested to know you're dating again. Especially if you've got adult children of your own. Obviously the decision should be yours, but it can be nice to involved them. They might even have a few tips for you. If you have a close relationship you're your kids perhaps they could help you get ready before your first date? Similarly, talk to your friends about it. Some may be dating too, so they might be able to give you a bit of advice if you want. And even if they're not single, you'll have friends who will want to hear all about your love life. Why not meet a friend for a drink before a first date so you can relax and remind yourself of 'the real you' to shake off any first date nerves? One of the key things about dating is to make the process as enjoyable as possible for yourself.

Figure Out What You Want

Do you want to date casually or are you looking for a deeper connection? This is a fairly important thing to think about, as you don't want to give someone you meet the wrong impression. A little mental preparation beforehand can help ensure that you're not going to have to disappoint anyone. And obviously you should never be afraid to say 'no' if things don't take the route you expected. A key fundament of dating is knowing what makes you happy. At this point it might be helpful to think about your previous relationships. What worked well for you in the past and what didn't? We're all different, so there are no right answers.

Date in the Right Place

Once you've had a think about what you want and had a catch up with your family and friends, the best way to get back in to dating is to get yourself on a good dating app! These days it can be a bit tricky to go out and just meet people. We're all a bit caught up in our own lives. That's where a good dating app comes in. You can find other single people, with similar interests, who live nearby and are keen to meet up. Give it a never know who you might meet!

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