How To Write An Outstanding Midlife Dating Profile

How many dating profiles have you read that are generic, boring and cliché ridden? If it weren’t for the photos you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between one person and another much of the time. You read the profile and you’re none the wiser; you’ve learned nothing of substance about the person you’re considering liking, connecting or going out on a date with. The chances are you’re going to ignore them and move on. 

People get really stressed out about writing a profile. They have no idea what to say, they give it no real thought at all. It’s okay to be a little nervous about it, it may be something you’ve never done before. That’s okay. But it’s well worth the discomfort you feel right now. It’s actually not difficult to stand out online if you take some time to write something a little different. And post 50 is the best time to be doing this.

Here are my suggestions:

Tell a story. It’s lazy to write a random list of things you like to do without any context. Show who you are in your words, give a bit of detail. Use your senses when you write. Paint a picture for the person reading your profile. They’re much more likely to want to engage if they get a feel of who you are in three dimensions. This is what I did and it’s what attracted my partner...we’ve been together 6 years now!

Be prepared to shine! Don’t hide yourself. Share something intriguing about who you are, something that gives a little insight into you and your life. You’re much more likely to interest someone if you invite them briefly into your world. Ask friends for one thing they love about you for inspiration.

See it as a piece of PR rather than a CV! This is your chance to share your highlights reel, so go for it. And yes there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance, no one likes the latter! Celebrate your unique qualities then weave that into your profile, you’ll bring it to life. 

Be specific. Everyone loves walks on the beach or in the countryside or evenings spent in the pub with friends. You want to stand out so go into a little detail (without rambling obviously!) Where is your favourite place to walk and why? What is it about your local pub that makes you feel relaxed? What was special about the last holiday you took

Lifelong learning. What has life taught you this far? We’ve all learned something along the way and hopefully are continuing to learn. These are the sorts of things that as we get older we’re much more interested in finding out about people. Spending time with like-minded people is probably high on our list.

Have a positive outlook. I’ve read many profiles where it’s clear they really don’t want to be online dating. Why do that?! We don’t want to hear how hard it is, or how miserable it makes you feel, or how awful your ex was. Rant to a friend if needs be but never in your profile. Ask yourself the question, ‘would I date me with my current profile?’ If your answer is no, then sort it out!

Be honest with yourself. It’s okay to be nervous about dating again. It’s natural to feel all sorts of emotions. Fear of the unknown is something we’ve all felt. Go with it. Just don’t let it rule your life and happiness. Write the profile, celebrate who you are, enjoy the not knowing how it’ll all work out. How boring would life be if we knew everything in advance?

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