In Praise Of Older Women - Thoughts For Men Looking For Younger Dates

The most common complaint I hear from older women in the dating game is that men are generally only interested in the younger woman. Hopefully, if you’re a man here on a dating app for men and women over fifty, you don’t subscribe to this approach. However, for any who are only after a younger date, here are a few thoughts. The older woman has much going for her. Her age and its physical manifestations are badges of honour which, when carried with self assurance, mark her experience of life, her attractiveness and her sexiness placing her, in my opinion, head and shoulders above younger women.

I’m attracted to women who embrace their age and work with it.   Age is a privilege; it has given us experiences of life, relationships, work, play and sex which are gifts to be used to enjoy life to the full. Age can be embraced by allowing your hair to turn grey or white,     by accepting lines, wrinkles and saggy bits and by dressing to enhance the richness that these gifts have given us. Age is about dignity, elegance and wisdom.

There’s a ‘rule’ going back over 100 years which advises a man not to date a women younger than half his age plus seven years. So, for example, a sixty-year-old could date a woman aged 37 or more. While this recognises that too large an age difference is undesirable, it’s actually a hangover from a dinosaur age when women were seen as little more than vehicle for reproduction and less as companions and intellectual partners.

In any event, making ‘rules’ of this sort about a complex relationship between a man and a woman is spurious (and I’ve no doubt was dreamt up by a man in the first place).

In reality looking for a partner in older age is about finding someone with whom you can share good times and bad, enjoy life and common interests. You’re most likely to find all these with a woman closer to your age than one much younger. Here are a few thoughts to think through before you embark on that search for a younger mate:

1) Older women are no less likely to be physically attractive than younger women. Grey is the new blonde.

2) The larger the age difference the more likely the relationship is to fail.

3) Is the older man with the trophy young woman a look you want to adopt? Many consider it rather creepy — enough said.

4) Sex is more than skin deep. A sexual relationship with an older woman can be more fulfilling than with a younger partner. Older women often have far more experience of sexual relationships, having lived through the the sixties and seventies and the days of ‘free love’.

5) Having said that, sex isn’t everything. Do you really want to be talking about the latest developments on Love Island? A woman more your age will have similar interests and experiences so conversations are likely to be more productive and interesting.

6) Remember, a relationship is about much more than sex.

David Evans

Writer and Founder of Grey Fox Blog

David Evans (63) founded Grey Fox Blog in late 2011. As a man with little interest (then) in  fashion, he decided, for no particular reason, to set out on a search for style. The blog developed into a celebration of the best of menswear, cars, watches, food and drink. He also writes about the challenges and privileges of age and has addressed the subject of dating on many occasions on his blog.

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