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Dating is a fun and exciting experience for sure but it can also get a little overwhelming, especially if it’s been a while. So it’s great to have a little moral support, and what better supporters to have than your own kids? We’ve given you plenty of advice so far on what to expect and prepare for when you’re getting back in to dating, but this mother’s day we’ve got some special advice on what to expect from your kids when you start dating…

They’ll want to Know More

Your kids want you to be happy, and they want what’s best for you. So naturally they’ll want to know more about who you’re seeing when you get back in to dating. After a couple of dates, it might be time to make introductions – let your kids meet your new partner and see for themselves how happy you are. Seeing your happiness will give them all the reassurance they need. 

They May be Protective

 Don’t be alarmed or upset if your kids are a little defensive over you when you start dating again – yes, you’re an adult and you know what you’re doing but they just care about you. Your kids want you to be happy, and more importantly they want you to be safe. Reassure them that you’re taking things at your own steady pace, and that they’ll always have the number one spot in your heart. 

They Might be a Little Wary 

Have you ever been a little wary of a new partner your kid has brought home? That works both ways, and it’s perfectly normal for there to be a little hesitation from your kids. Just make sure you keep introductions between your new partner and your kids slow and steady, and show them just how happy you are with this new person in your life. Pretty soon it’ll be like they’ve known each other their whole lives. 

They Could Want to Help 

Whether it’s helping you pick out outfits or advising you on a place to go for a date, your kids may want to give you a helping hand. Dating can be a bit nerve-wracking, so don’t be afraid to accept a helping hand from your loved ones. After all, they want what’s best for you so they’ll do their best to help you find happiness. 

They Want You to Be Happy

Ultimately, your family wants you to be happy. If that means helping you move on with your love life and find someone new, they’ll accept that. So get out there and show your kids just how happy you are and they’ll be happy too. 

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