Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to some of the common questions about Lumen. If you’re still stuck, do please get in contact.

How do I join Lumen?

To be a member of the Lumen community, you must complete the registration process. This is designed to ensure that every user has a good quality profile and has proven they are who they say they are.

We understand that this takes a small time commitment, but we are committed to finding you the best matches, as well as providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our members.

I’m under 50 years old. Why can’t I use Lumen?

Our app is designed specifically for people over 50 to meet other singles of the same age.

While there are other services available which encourage ‘sugar daddy’ or ‘cougar’ relationships, this isn’t one of those apps. Once you turn 50 you are more than welcome to join our like-minded community.

Will people outside Lumen see my information?

Absolutely not. Your privacy is extremely important to us and we store all data on Lumen securely. For more information - see our Privacy Policy

Why do I have to enter my phone number or connect my Facebook?

By linking accounts to either Facebook or a specific phone, we ensure that people are not creating lots of accounts, and that there are no fake profiles. It also makes it easier for you to find and sign in to your account.

Why didn’t I receive the confirmation code?

Sometimes it takes up to 45 seconds for the text to come through. If it doesn't, please check the number is correct. Any abbreviation of the number is fine, i.e. with the country code (+44) or just starting with ‘0’. If you are still having problems please contact us:

Should I put my real name?

Yes, definitely. Lumen is an honest space, and it’s important that you portray the real you to potential connections, to avoid awkward questions later. Remember, only people registered on Lumen will be able to see your details, so there’s no need to worry about putting your name up on the service.

What should I say in the ‘About me’ section?

We want to have people on the app - not just profiles! So use this section to help other Lumen members to understand your personality. You can talk about what is most important in your life and how you like to spend your time. What would be the kind of things you would tell someone on a first date? What would you want to know about other people in order to decide if you like them?

Why do I need to upload at least 3 photos?

We want all the profiles on Lumen to be good quality, and a part of that is showing other singles what you look like in real life. Think about it - if you met someone in a bar, or at an event, you’d know what they look like before you started talking. Our data shows that the more photos you include on your profile, the more likely someone is to send you a message.

What kind of photos should I upload?

A good quality photo is one where you are alone, and people can clearly see your face (so no sunglasses!). We require at least one photo like this, and we would recommend also including at least one photo where your full body is visible. Make sure you use recent images, which realistically represent you. We don’t mind if you add a few group photos or pictures which include your family, but every photo must have you in it, otherwise we will remove it.

Why has my photo been deleted?

If you don’t appear in one of your photos, or if it breaks the rules outlined in our Terms & Conditions, we will remove it from Lumen. We want to make sure profiles are of a high quality so people can easily find who they are looking for.

Why do I need to photo verify?

Every single member of Lumen has gone through ‘photo verification’. In this process, a member of our staff will compare the photos you have uploaded with a ‘selfie’ which you take during registration. This is to ensure that you do look like your photos and to prevent anyone creating fake profiles on our platform.  Don’t worry - this selfie will never be visible to other members so you don’t need to be looking your best.

I’m having problems with photo verification, what do I do?

If your verification photo is rejected it might be due to the following reasons:

  • Your face is not clearly visible.
  • The entire gesture is not shown in the photo you take.
  • The photo is too dark, too light or too blurry.
  • The gesture doesn't match the gesture we showed you in our example.
Please contact us on if you are unable to pass the photo verification and none of the above reasons apply.

What is Lumen Premium?

You can have up to six conversations in a day on Lumen completely for free. We want to promote meaningful conversations on Lumen, after all it's about making connections that count rather than counting the connections you have.

Once you have reached your limit of conversations within one day you can purchase Lumen Premium which will double your limit of conversations. Every user has 72 hours to respond to your initial message, and with Lumen Premium you can extend a conversation by 24 hours to give your connection more time to respond.

Our favourites feature means that you can favourite profiles that you are interested in and chat to them later. Lumen Premium will give you the chance to see who has favourited your profile! 

What does the coloured dot next to a member’s name mean?

Coloured dots inside your connections menu indicate the online status of the user. Green dot means that the person is now online, and orange dot means the person was online recently. You can't change your profile status from green to orange yourself as this happens automatically.

Can I change my location?

Your location is generated automatically by your phone, so it cannot be altered.

Where can I report abusive behaviour?

If you find someone’s behaviour towards you or their language abusive, please let us know by clicking on the icon in the top right corner on their profile page, select 'Report' and choose the reason.

How can I block a user?

To block a user, please visit their profile, select the icon in the top right corner of their profile and select 'Block'. Please note that blocking a user will stop their messages from reaching you, but the user will still be able to view your profile.