‘90s heart-throb JET is back... and on a mission to help the over 50s reach their fitness goals

We’ve teamed up with Diane Youdale (JET), the former Gladiators star and current fitness instructor, to devise a new fitness routine that will meet your exercise goals!

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The 10-minute session has everything you need to keep the body and mind strong, fit and sharp. It begins with a warm up for joints and co-ordination, followed by a hi/lo dance aerobic combination with retro 80s choreography, followed by own-body-weight moves and light weights to tone muscles, which maintains bone, joint and postural health. 

It comes after new research has revealed that 70% of the over 50s would like to get fitter, but more than a third of them don’t know where to start. Whilst people do want to lost weight and improve their health, while more than a quarter just don’t like doing exercise and think that they are too old.

Speaking about the findings, Diane Youdale said:

“Feeling too old or not fit enough is just a mind-set – anyone is able to exercise, regardless of age. Once you hit 50, it’s important to do exercises that work for the mind as well as the body, and the comprehensive yet concise routine has everything the over 50s need. Once you learn it, aim for three to four times a week and, for the more advanced, every day and even twice a day.”

“As a single woman who’s about to turn 50, I know how important it is to feel body confident and stay mentally sharp. Exercise is a huge part of that, and no matter what your ability or injury, there’s almost always something physical you can do.”

And the research proves that it’s never too late to start – with a quarter of over 50s who currently do exercise saying they didn’t start until after they reached 50. And it’s having considerable benefits for many; among those who exercise more than once a month, almost two thirds feel healthier, while around half said they think its good for their mental health, and others report it has boosted their body confidence.

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