Lumen launches special Sexy Santa campaign

The phrase ‘sexy Santa’ is not unheard of. Though it is more often applied to young women wearing Mrs Claus outfits on pub crawls than to Father Christmas himself! 

At Lumen we realised early on that people in their fifties and sixties have become stigmatised by the media and advertising.  Images of people in their seventies and eighties are often used for ‘over fifties’ products, and so multiple generations have grown up believing fifty-year olds look like seventy-year olds.  For too long fifty has been viewed as ‘old’.  With actresses and female TV presenters often disappearing from our screens long before their fifties, and older actors being used to play roles alongside far younger actresses, our views of age, and what people look like, have become skewed.

We see this on a daily basis.  Every model in a Lumen ad campaign is over fifty, and yet every day we respond to comments accusing us of using younger models, because people are not aware of how good fifty can look!

In reality, as most of you know, fifty is not old! In fact, mid-lifers are fitter and healthier than ever before, and look after themselves far more than previous generations.  And yet people in their fifties and sixties remain a forgotten generation in the media, under-represented, misrepresented, and far too often stereotyped as grey and retired. 

And so this Christmas, Lumen teamed up with over 50s model Paul Orchard, and photographic legend Rob Greig, to create a series of images of a sexy Santa.  The images are accompanied by research into how many women see Santa as a sex symbol.  It turns out 1 in every 5 women finds Santa attractive, and that rises to 1 in every 4 for women over 50.  That’s over 4.5 million women in the UK alone.  And when you think about Santa’s characteristics individually he becomes even more attractive – good with kids, well-travelled, generous, reliable job …

But jokes aside, there is a key message. Women find over fifties men sexy.  And so we decided to draw attention to this with billboards of our own sexy Santa – showing just how attractive over fifties are. In reality, a billboard with an attractive over fifty shouldn’t be news, and yet it was yesterday! Because we see so few models of this age used for sexy campaigns, and attraction isn’t something the media and advertising agencies normally attributes to this age group.

At Lumen we’re campaigning for greater visibility of midlifers, and we want to see more models in their fifties and sixties used in mainstream advertising.  Over 60% of over 50s don’t feel properly represented in the media, and so the time has come to tackle that statistic, and make the ‘invisible generation’ seen again.


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